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- This new business model is valid from Sep 27th, 2018 and Q&R can be found from link :

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Realtime quotes, Graphics and Extraction .csv


Code Banque     Code Guichet       Numero de Compte       Cle RIB

18706                    00000                   72170703616                   75


IBAN International Bank Account Number

FR76 - 1870 - 6000 - 0072 - 1707 - 0361 - 675

BIC ( Bank Identifier Code ) : AGRIFRPP887


Advertising Banners on the site        

 Commodity3 site is becoming one of the most popular Commodity & Energy online resource for  the NWE region. Daily site traffic is 60-120 users, where each user is viewing  5-6 pages, with an average of 400-600 page views per day. Monthly traffic is more than 11,500-14,500 pages, viewed by more than 600 unique visitors ( stats from Google analytics ) Commodity3  is willing to help you run a qualitative advertising campaign.

To maximize the advertising effect :

Large banner size – 947x127 pixel top area on all individual physical cash prices or menu page by product / market / area or country.

Professional Target audience only ! - representatives of agribusiness, producers of grains, oilseeds, softs, livestocks, farmers, agricultural holdings, agricultural processing enterprises, traders, brokers, investment banks, trade, insurance and consulting companies, etc...

International Target audience with Visitors are coming from France, USA, Spain, Germany, Ukraine, Russia, Indonesia, India and many other foreign countries (74 in total)         

Placing company banner ads on the Commodity3 web-site.

Banner Type

Charge per Year





MENU page


500 €










Instrument page



100 €



The minimum term for banner posting - 1 week            

The Commodity3 site publishes banners in following formats: gif, jpg, png 

Banners shall not contain any audio track, flash too often or intensively  irritating eyes, and must conform to generally accepted moral and ethical standards. Banners, which will be distracting from the information on the site and cause a negative reaction from the site users can be removed from the site.              

Banners can be linked to your own website. If you do not have your own website, we can provide services for the creation and placement of your company page on our website (with contact information, price lists, etc.), to which the banner will link.

Technical Fees :





Banner provided by customer

- dimensions : 947x127px

- format web : png, gif, jpg

- taille max 50Ko

Banner assembled from elements provided by customer

- photo(s)

- logo

- contact details

No Animation

Banner created from a business card provided by customer


No Animation

Animated multiple visual displays provided by customer (slide show etc…)

With Animation

 Our specialists will be glad to answer your questions and provide more detailed informations.