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Market Product Terms Delivery Last Update Last Price Cur/unit Area Graphic
GRAINS Barley, France, Rouen port FOB Rouen MAR16 30/03/2016 166.25 $/mT FR
GRAINS Barley, France, Creil Barge FOB Creil Barge MAR16 30/03/2016 160.75 $/mT FR
GRAINS Barley, France, Dunkirk port FOB Dunkerque MAR16 30/03/2016 168.25 $/mT FR
GRAINS Barley, France, Moselle Barge FOB Moselle Barge MAR16 30/03/2016 153.00 $/mT FR
-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=- -=-=-=- 30/03/2016 - -=-=-=- -=-=- -
GRAINS Barley, Argentina, feed FOB Up River MAR16 (k) 30/03/2016 153.00 $/mT AR
GRAINS Barley, France, Atlantic port FOB Atlantic SEASONAL 30/03/2016 - $/mT FR
GRAINS German Feed BARLEY , EU Origin FOB Hamburg Baltic MAR/APR 30/03/2016 155.50 $/mT DE
GRAINS Barley, feed, Ukrainia FOB Black Sea Ports MAR/APR 30/03/2016 165.51 $/mT UA
MAY/JUL 30/03/2016 - $/mT UA

No varfids for BLY0UAF3
GRAINS Barley, feed, Russia FOB Black Sea Ports MAY/JUL 30/03/2016 156.51 $/mT UA
GRAINS Barley, feed, Pacific Northwest FOB Pacific Northwest MAR/APR 30/03/2016 147.00 $/mT PNW
GRAINS Barley, feed, Canada Lakes FOB Lethbridge SEASONAL 30/03/2016 - $/mT CA